Chairs and Pie: What a Wonderful Combination!

If you’ve been paying attention lately, you might have noticed a common theme with me—it all begins with the chairs. That’s what works for me anyway. Back in December, a friend opened a quaint pie shop here in town, Papi’s Pies. At that point, the idea was just to get it open so it could start bringing in some income.  

The decor was plain and a few mismatched tables and chairs were placed inside. As we sat there eating our wonderful food (Seriously, it’s to die for!), I thought to myself, how fun it would be to decorate this place!  Well, to make the story short, I got the job. 

The one thing this place had going for it was the black and white checkered floor. LOVE at first sight!

I located 10 bentwood style chairs on Craigslist to use along with the other ones already in the shop. 

Since it was a pie place, the most natural thing would be to go with cherries, right? I found the perfect oil cloth and ordered it right away to cover the seats of the upholstered chairs and to use as table cloths. (This makes restaurant clean-up super easy.)  
The tables were painted white to create a cohesive look. By the way, this is a great idea if you want to use any kind of mismatched furniture together. The chairs were all painted red to make them pop in the space, and I went to work upholstering the seats. 

Another thing I love about this pie shop is that they are featuring work created by local artists from the community. Each month the art will change and new work will be displayed. What a great thing for those who create!

And on nice weather days, which we do have quite often, there’s outdoor seating, too. 

I also believed that this space needed a focal point of some kind. An awning, of course! You might remember my love of awnings from this post long ago.   I found some amazing old Victorian shingles from a dealer and decided to make an awning using them. My husband helped make the frame and I applied the shingles one by one.

That dealer also had some corbels which I knew I could use in the door way under that awning to add a little more character. 

It’s winter here, and so many of the plants are not thriving yet as they will be. The yard leading up to Papi’s needed a little something.

Signs! I’ve done several posts on signs. I got a few more stencils and went to work with the remaining pallet boards I had on hand. We nailed them to stakes and stuck them in the yard.  

There’s even a welcoming sign!

Tonight is the Grand Opening of Papi’s Pies at 10 Chisolm Trail in Round Rock. Stop by and enjoy desserts like cake, pie, brownies along with tea or coffee. Or get your breakfast tacos, quiche, sandwiches, or their speciality, Bolivian salteñas. And, enjoy the decor while you’re there. Here’s to Papi’s Pies!



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