Wendy of Chair Whimsy

End your frustration on where to find beautiful fabrics...

for good!

with Wendy Conklin, The Chair Stylist

Is finding a fabric you love more complicated than solving the mystery in a John Grisham novel?

Are you completely exhausted from dialing the number to your local fabric store, only to find they've shut their doors... for good?

Do you spend countless hours scrolling through Pinterest, swooning over the most stunning chair fabrics, then clicking through - only to hit a dead-end on a blog with about 10,543 ads and zero information on where to find the fabric itself?

Your frustration ends here.

I got all of the answers to my questions but also so much more! Wendy shares the wisdom of her own experiences and lessons learned and does so with such a friendly, caring, and generous spirit.
- Connie Gregor

Wendy with fabrics

In the

Sourcing Swoon-Worthy Fabrics,

you'll learn how to tap your inner Sherlock Holmes and sleuth out stunning fabric online.

I remove all the guesswork, countless hours of fruitless hunting online, and misleading "red herrings," and give you all the clues, evidence, and hacks to track down the most unique & stylish fabrics.

Imagine... Waving goodbye to the sea of boring neutral chairs sucking up all the fun in your home, and reupholstering them with bright & colorful fabric that you're proud to show off to guests, and delighted to enjoy yourself.

Suddenly, your home goes from "meh" to "statement-making."


Your family, friends and neighbors will stare longingly at your newly-upholstered chairs - itching to know all of your stylish secrets, and where you scored that amazing fabric.

And best of all, you'll delight in your own space - sipping your morning coffee or evening glass of wine while curled up in a chair that truly brings you joy.

What you'll learn inside the course...

Sourcing Swoon-worthy Fabrics

My secrets to positioning floral fabrics in a way that achieves the most impact on your project.


How to hunt down the most exquisite & unique fabrics online, including bright florals and authentic textiles. My motto: color is the new black!


My best-kept secrets on where to search for fabrics that you'll never find on Google, Pinterest, or any design blog.


All of my personal hacks for finding one-of-a-kind fabrics that no one else will have-without going to the trades.


Everything you need to know about fabric durability, without sacrificing style. I believe you can have dazzling chairs without needing to lock your grandkids or pets out of the room.

Special Bonus!

How to Get the Bohemian Vibe
Valued at $97!

Finding gorgeous, eye-catching fabrics?


Wendy herself is as warm and pleasant as can be. It was like learning from an old friend! I highly recommend this course or any course she has to offer. It was the best money I have spent in a long time!
- Kim Fisher

Wendy with a Frida chair

Hi! I'm Wendy Conklin, The Chair Stylist.

Hi, I'm Wendy The Chair Stylist! I'll guide you through each step in this beginner course to learn how to upholster chairs just like I do! I'm a former teacher turned boutique chair designer with a passion for color, whimsy, and of course, chairs!

You Might be Wondering...

This course is for those who want to hunt down stunning, unique fabric for their chairs.

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Sourcing Swoon-worthy Fabrics

What you'll get inside the course...

A how-to guide on positioning floral fabrics to achieve the most impact (valued at $97)

How to hunt down the most exquisite & unique fabrics online (valued at $97)

The best-kept secrets on where to search for fabrics (valued at $97)

My personal hacks for finding one-of-a-kind fabrics (valued at $599)

Everything you need to know about fabric durability (valued at $79)

Bonus: How to Get the Bohemian Vibe (valued at $97)

Total Value: $1,066

I learned the things I wanted to learn and I also learned the things I didn't know I needed to learn! As a guide, Wendy is generous with her accumulated knowledge and experience. She is also fun! Worth every single penny!
- Sheila Groenevelt


Backed by the Chair Whimsy Promise!

If you take this course and cannot find exquisite and unique fabrics online, your fabric selections don't wow your friends and family (provided they have amazing taste), don't learn where and how I search for my fabrics, don't understand my personal hacks for finding one-of-a-kind fabrics without going to the trades, and don't gain ideas for durable fabrics that are still stylish, you deserve your money back.