Style your space to be a


with styling with the chair stylist 10-part compact design series

Here's just a taste of what's in the course...

Want a whimsical look
but can’t figure out how to achieve it?

Stumped when it comes to putting together fabrics?

Want to nail your design combinations every time?

Well, you’re in luck!
I’m spilling the beans in this compact design series that focuses on
picking fabrics that create showstoppers in your home.

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Designing is a creative process
and you can learn how to do it too!

Research tells us that to be more creative, we need to surround ourselves with other creatives.

This is YOUR chance to learn from me and hear how I think as i design, which will open your mind to new possibilities as you design for yourself.

chair styling course


Styling with the Chair Stylist

10-part Compact Design Series

Restoring antique chairs with a fresh, modern look is my specialty, and chairs are the medium I use to teach foundational style principles that you can use in your own home!

Discover how to elevate your environment with color and pattern. Apply what I show you with my antique chairs to your home's accents, artwork, bedding, window treatments, and more!


In the Styling with the Chair Stylist you will …

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discover how to think about fabrics in a new way

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identify fabrics that make the biggest impact

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learn how to make the most of your fabric picks

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understand how to design showstoppers for your home

At the end of this compact design series, you'll have the knowledge and confidence to play with colorful patterns and textiles in your own space and ramp up your design process!

Wendy Conklin the Chair Stylist

Hi, I'm
Wendy Conklin,
The Chair Stylist!

I’ll guide you through each part of this compact design series to show you my design principals. I’m a former teacher turned boutique chair designer with a passion for color, whimsy, and of course, chairs!

You Might be Wondering...

This course is for those who want to know how to style your home's spaces with colors and patterns so it looks like a professional designed it. Apply what I show you with my antique chairs to your home's accents, artwork, bedding, window treatments, and more!


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Course Content

Introduction video

10 design videos

Interactive Workbook

6 extra bonus videos