Hi, I'm Wendy Conklin
The Chair Stylist!

and I specialize in creativity.

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I'm a former teacher, turned boutique chair designer, turned online educator
(talk about coming around full circle!).

I share my unique approach to color, fabrics, and design to show others, like you, how creative expression can upgrade your joy.

Everything we do at Chair Whimsy is to help you live a more inspired and joyful life. I encourage you to create, challenge yourself, and "play."

Since starting Chair Whimsy, I've identified as:

An Artisan ~ As a maker craving a new creative outlet - a local weekend course in reupholstery ignited a love for rehabbing antique chairs in a fun, unique way. My approach to styling and designing my chairs became the foundation of the Chair Whimsy brand.

A Designer ~ My design work doesn't end with chairs. I love to share all of my projects - from my backyard greenhouse build to my vintage camper revamper. In addition, I share sneak peeks, behind-the-scenes, and sometimes source links on Instagram and my blog.

An Educator ~ I create online courses that teach my approach on everything from reupholstering your first chair to mixing and matching fabrics bravely. Every course I offer is in direct response to what my audience and students ask for. A satisfying by-product of my courses is our online community of "Whimsies" (that's what I lovingly call my students). Our private online group is a positive, joy-filled, supportive space.

An Entreprenista ~ In addition to running my own business, I help other creative entrepreneurs get ahead faster in their own emerging businesses or established creative businesses ready to level up. My business programming is maker-specific and also for the creative business owner and will help you build a financially healthy business that brings you a sense of joy and fulfillment.

I'm thrilled you're here. I hope that you'll find both inspiration and community here at Chair Whimsy.

Check out my online courses to spark your creativity and upgrade your joy, starting today!

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