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Wendy Conklin
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Living with uninspiring surroundings is boring, and I know you’re made for more than that!

I'm giving you permission to add color and creativity to your home, And you have it in you to do it.

Wendy Conklin Working

I'm Wendy Conklin,
The Chair Stylist

and I specialize in creativity.

I help clients create surroundings that genuinely reflect their uniqueness, zest, and personality through bespoke chairs and fabric selections. 

And for those students who need the challenge of learning a creative craft, I'm their teacher of choice. 

My business grew out of love for chairs and a desire to express my own creativity.

As I began styling my own chairs, I noticed how much joy and satisfaction I experienced by having color and beauty in my life as well as something that reflects who I am. Much like the clients I work with, I love the process of creating.

But what brings me the most joy is helping others create their own inspiring spaces so they can live their best lives—my boutique chairs and fabric selections bring personality to any space.

And I love teaching others how to do this for themselves— my courses offer the challenge to stay engaged, productive, and creative.

I'm a former teacher turned boutique chair designer, and I've worked with clients around the world.

Isn't it time you lived your best life? Your creativity awaits the spark that it needs.


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