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Adventures on a Cheese Tour

Back in March of 2020, I was supposed to take a trip to England for a cheese tour. We all know what happened back then…long story short, it was finally rescheduled for this past week. Let me say first off that I’m no foodie. But I did some chairs for a lady named Anna Juhl two years ago who runs cheese tours in Europe. She invited my husband and I to come in exchange for some chairs. We arrived in London last Sunday in just enough time to explore the area around the London Bridge Hotel where we were staying. Then, Monday morning the tour began in the Borough Market, a high class set of vendors with artisan food galore. We sampled various foods throughout the market including this risotto below, middle eastern food, salami, prosciutto, cheese, and sugar cane juice. We heard from different shop owners including Neals Yard Dairy shown below, who has had a huge influence on England’s artisan cheese market. They’ve supported small town cheese makers and helped keep them afloat…

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