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Life Whimsy

How to Think, Play,
and Work More Creatively

By Wendy Conklin

Life Whimsy: How to think, play, & work more creatively by Wendy Conklin

"Ignite your creative spark.

Life is too short to be beige and boring! Let Wendy ignite your creative spark then burn brightly with a spirited dash of whimsy and fun."

— Jason Oliver Nixon, Madcap Cottage

"The perfect creativity recipe.

Life Whimsy is the perfect creativity recipe with equal parts inspiration, how-to and fun, topped off with a dash of entrepreneurship for those who want to make creativity their career. Whether you consider yourself an artist or creative or not, Wendy makes discovering or rediscovering creativity in yourself so much fun!"

— Tobi Fairley

"Life Whimsy is alive with inspiration.

Life Whimsy is alive with inspiration and gives hands-on practical ways to start tapping into the right side of your brain. It’s simple but strategic advice for creatives, business owners, and really anyone ready to add more spark to all their endeavors."

— Julie Chenell, Digital Marketer

"Unlock your most creative self.

Life Whimsy offers inspiration, ideas and a step-by-step process to unlock your most creative self."

-Selena Soo, creator of Impacting Millions

"Life Whimsy is happiness on paper.

With practical advice, exercises, and tutorials, it’s a gorgeous addition to your library and one you will reach for again and again."

- Kelly McMaster, Editorial Director Cottages & Bungalows, Holiday Décor, and Flea Market Décor Magazines

"Such a joyful and inspiring read.

This book is as optimistic and lovely as Wendy herself. Embrace your dreams, give yourself permission, make time to wander, be the creative person you are, try new things, be confident, and take risks. Love! Love! Love!"

- Elyce Arons, CEO Frances Valentine

Do you ever feel like,

“I don’t even know what’s fun for me?

Maybe that show I watched three months ago?

The trip I took…before the kids were born?

Gah! My mind is blank!

I don’t even know what fun looks like anymore!”

I’ll bet you can come up with a loooong list of things that make you feel “stressed” or “anxious.”

But fun? Joy? Play?

Ummm…what’s that?

Life Whimsy: How to think, play, & work more creatively by Wendy Conklin

The Life Whimsy Book

will show you how to recapture your joy and lift your spirits, like licking the sugary rim of a refreshing lemon margarita.

Even if you’re busy, exhausted, and feel like “play” is a distant memory from childhood, this book is for you.

The Secret to Having More Fun


The #1 way to unlock more fun, joy, and play in your world is to tap into your CREATIVITY.

In my 50+ years on this Earth, creativity has been the perfect balm for my soul.

So many of us don’t know how to tap into our creativity. Between the incessant pings and dings of technology, burnout, hardships, and fear of trying new things—most people leave their creative spirit back in the schoolyard sandbox.


Inside the gorgeous pages of Life Whimsy, you will learn how to:

  • Develop your creative thinking, twisting your mindset to options & solutions rather than failure & face-plants.
  • Rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul through the magic of play. (Yes, adults can play! I promise!)
  • Infuse creativity into your profession or business, even if you work in a deeply “uncreative” field.



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A Note
From the Author

Hey, I’m Wendy! Creativity has always been at the core of my happiness, and I’m so dazzled & delighted to share this book with you. I believe every single person needs more creativity in their life.

Fun & play is not optional, it’s mandatory.

And it all starts with how you think. Whether you’re planning a holiday meal, getting down to business on a new project, embarking on a new adventure, or cleaning out your basement, there’s always a way to have more fun. Yes, even dusting & vacuuming can feel like play if you let your creativity run wild.

Life Whimsy: How to think, play, & work more creatively by Wendy Conklin

Blondes aren’t the only ones who have more fun

Slip on your favorite outfit. Crank up your favorite music. Pour yourself a “Wendy” (spoiler alert: it’s 2oz of Godiva Chocolate Liquor and 1oz of Grand Marnier, stirred and strained over ice. Crafted by my hubby.)

Raise your glass. Let the fun, play & whimsy BEGIN!