Discover how to leverage your natural creativity.


Dust off your old chairs and rescue those family heirlooms in need of some love (and elbow grease) and learn how to confidently upholster the Chair Whimsy way!

Discover how to confidently select fabric patterns and colors for your chairs and decor to get the professionally designed look in your home that you crave!

Wendy holding bolts of fabric
Wendy speaking to group over Zoom

Share your creative gift of designing and upholstering chairs with the world by learning how to run and grow your own chair design business!

Learn how to pick fabrics and style chairs to be showstoppers with Styling with the Chair Stylist 10-part design series!

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It's time to finally end your frustration on where to find beautiful fabrics with my newest course!

Give the bottom of your dining chairs a makeover with my newest course!

Just the Bottoms
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Meet my friends, colleagues, and mentors ready to share their best color-infused tips, ideas, methods, and stories to inspire the creative inside you!

Enhance your style with more color and pattern for a sophisticated and polished finish that brings a smile to your (bold-hued) lips and unexpected delight to those you encounter.

10 Best Statement-Making Fabrics from Spoonflower

10 Best Statement-Making Fabrics from Spoonflower