Take your love of chairs from personal hobby to

thriving business

WITH The Business of Chairs with Chair Whimsy
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Master the art of turning a profit as a Creative and sell your custom chairs to clients who will love them forever.

If you are looking to create a real business that not only brings you joy as a designer, but money that supports your lifestyle and family, The Business of Chairs is a comprehensive program that teaches the secrets to building a successful online business selling chairs.

In this day and age, there’s no other way we should be selling!

The Business of Chairs with Chair Whimsy course

The Business of Chairs
with Chair Whimsy course

is your complete instruction guide
for turning your hobby into a thriving business.

Maybe you just really love making chairs, but now you have a house full of chairs and need to make room. Why not learn how to sell your chairs?

Selling chairs could be a way to provide extra pocket money to buy special things throughout the year or go on family vacations. Or perhaps you want to build a chair empire, and you need to know first steps. You get to choose your own adventure! What will be your specialty? Will you take commissions and finish custom work for clients? Will you design your own fabric for your chairs? The sky really is the limit, friend. And best of all, you get to have this creative outlet, share it with others, and see it positively impact their lives.

In the Business of chairs you will …

Discover how to sell your chairs online

Learn how to make your pics pop online

Determine if you should customize your chairs and the easiest way to do it

Harness social media outlets so you gain a following and potential customers

Identify your ideal client and know how to attract them

Learn how to build your email list so you can talk to your customers one-on-one

Understand how to set up and manage your business so you can turn a profit

Manage your mindset so that your business and YOU can succeed

Each module includes videos and worksheets so you
know exactly how to ramp up your online business and
build your following of clients.

You'll experience 10 training modules that you can watch and rewatch at your own pace, 12 live coaching calls—one per month for 12 months, and a private Facebook group where you can get the additional weekly support you need.

Business of Chair Design Course
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MODULE 1: The Secrets to Selling Online

Learn how to make money by selling your hand-crafted chair online.

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MODULE 2: How to Take Design-Worthy Pictures

Master the art of taking pictures of your product so they attract clients who will buy.

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MODULE 3: Customizing for Clients

Discover how to successfully customize chairs for clients and why it is the only way you ever turn a profit.

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MODULE 4: Digital Marketing Part 1

Master your social media presence and hone your unique message and story.

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MODULE 5: The Ideal Client

Understanding who this person is and how to talk to her.

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MODULE 6: Digital Marketing Part 2

Learn the steps to building your email list and how to make offers.

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MODULE 7: Client Relationships

Explore ways of successfully dealing with all kinds of clients who come your way.

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MODULE 8: Pricing, Shipping, and All the Little Details

Harness the business details that enable you to make you a profit.

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MODULE 9: Taxes, Sales Tax, & Money

Understand how to keep a watchful eye on your money management.

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MODULE 10: Mindset and Believing in What You Have to Offer

Your mindset is ultimately what helps you win as an entrepreneur!

You’ll also get:

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A private Facebook group where you can get all the support you need from a community of maker entrepreneurs, and 10 workbooks to support your learning.


One live coaching call per month for 12 months where you can ask Wendy any questions about the course or your business. The pay in full option will also grant you access to the extra Mastermind Call each month for 12 months.

Success Stories

"I am so glad I decided to work with Wendy and to take her Business of Chairs course.

Not only was the course clear, concise, and easy to navigate, the curriculum was structured and well written. Wendy herself is as warm and pleasant as can be. It was like learning from an old friend! I highly recommend this course or any course she has to offer. It was the best money I have spent in a long time and I left each and every lesson with valuable information that has changed how I do business!”

- Kim Fisher, Urban Owl Furniture Co.

"The Business of Chairs class was incredibly informative about how to run a very unique custom chair business.

Wendy covers the business side such as marketing, pricing, taxes, and shipping, and customer relationships as expected. However, my biggest takeaway was the mindset changes that occurred and finding new ways to think about the business and all of the topics discussed. I highly recommend the course for starting a chair business. Wendy definitely shares her knowledge freely!"

- Lorinda Schrammel, Chair Junkie

"Taking The Business of Chairs course from Wendy has transformed my business. 

Being new to selling online I wasn't sure which direction to go. Wendy not only showed me how to navigate my way to build my online shop, expand my social media presence, ship my pieces and price them correctly, but she gave me the confidence I needed to do it. She is truly an incredible mentor. This course is not only informative but inspiring."

- Amanda Marksbury, Revival Custom Chairs and Restoration

"This course is thorough and takes you through the complete process to develop a successful online business including dealing with clients, social media, pricing, shipping, and accounting.

I have been retired for 10 years and found Chair Whimsy on Facebook in October 2019. Once I saw Wendy’s chairs, I immediately signed up for her online DIY Upholstery and Fabric Mixology courses and was delighted with the learning experiences. Wanting to progress I signed up for the Business of Chairs course and a whole new world opened up to me. Wendy is so knowledgeable and open in her teaching methods.  She doesn’t hesitate to share her trade secrets, resources, and all her do’s and don’ts with you. This is an amazing course taught by an amazing woman.”

- Jane Dutcher, Busy Bee Treasures

"This experience turned out to truly be a case of, "You don't know what you don't know." I got all of the answers to my questions but also so much more! 

I am so glad I joined this course! There were a couple of things I had questions about and wanted to know, but I really hesitated to spend the money. When you are just starting out in a business, you don't have a lot to spend. Wendy shares the wisdom of her own experiences and lessons learned and does so with such a friendly, caring, and generous spirit. The personal and business growth I've experienced in the last eight weeks is priceless. I will never regret this investment in myself!”

- Connie Gregor, Fantastical Findings

"The Business of Chairs Course is a must-take if you are looking to take your chair business to the next level!

Wendy covers it all from how to take professional-grade pics of your inventory to how to price your chairs so that you are making a profit! After I took her course, my business grew by leaps and bounds! My Etsy traffic increased and I landed my first serious client, who placed a large custom order! It’s so refreshing and rare to find a highly talented creative like Wendy, who’s willing to share all her secrets and teach others how to succeed with their chair business. Two thumbs up for this course! It’s worth every penny!”

- Ginger Burnett, Sitting Pretty Fab

"This course was a life-changer for me. It gave me the information and knowledge to successfully start and run my online business and saved me years of trial and error. 

I learned the things I wanted to learn and I also learned the things I didn't know I needed to learn! As a guide, Wendy is generous with her accumulated knowledge and experience. She is also fun! Worth every single penny!”

- Sheila Groenevelt

Wendy Conklin,
The Chair Stylist.

Back in 2012, I took my first upholstery courses and I’ve been selling chairs ever since. It’s so satisfying to work with my hands and express myself creatively as well as earn a living to provide for my family. Through the years I’ve learned how to navigate this business and make a profit while giving my clients the chairs of their dreams.

Wendy Conklin the Chair Stylist

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Ready to transform your hobby
into a thriving business?

business of chairs course

The Business of Chairs
online course

  • 10 lessons outlined above
  • 12 live coaching calls, 1 per month for 12 months with Q&A
  • Private FB community
  • Access to the Course for Life

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