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Where you sleep and the quality of your sleep really matters, right? So I needed to put some effort into our main bedroom. I wanted the bed, bedding, and environment to feel comfortable so I would sleep well in my cabin.

This primary bedroom is around 8 x 8 feet, so it’s a tight squeeze. We can fit our queen sized bed, two skinny night stands and a couple of lamps. But that’s really all we needed anyway.

If you remember from last week, this was my design plan or inspiration for the room.

It all started with the curtains. I used a Molly Mahon block print from Schumacher. We added in some sage/teal pompom trim to give it a bit more whimsy. (Who doesn’t love a good pompom?) These are blackout curtains and raise and lower using a continuous loop.

I found some amazing art from down under artist, Kirsten Katz and ordered two prints.

I love how they frame the window when you peek into the room.

The room didn’t really need any other wall decor other than that. It’s a happy space! The fun red pillow from Annie Selke adds a splash of color too.

I had an extra upholstered headboard at home that my daughter decided she didn’t want, so I upholstered it in this left over velvet fabric. It was fun to figure out if all these stripes were going to go together.  The rug is from Annie Selke and is also another stripe.

The pink quilted comforter and shams came from Annie Selke, and they are so super comfortable to sleep on.

Then, I found two antique tall small tables at a barn sale that I decided to paint and use as bedside tables.

I used Dixie Belle Harbor silk mineral paint for both tables.  Then embellished them using Serenity, Fiery Sky and Prickly Pear.

Storage is crucial, so I needed a bedskirt to hide all my suitcases and other things under the bed. I got this bed skirt from Annie Selke.

The strawberry on top were the two amazing little red lamps from Stray Dog Designs. I love the personality these lamps bring to this space.

This is the most calm room in the house, so get ready for what is coming in the next few weeks…so much more color!  Let me know what you think of this space; could it work for you?

To see more video of this space and how I made it over, head over here to my YouTube channel.

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