The Closet Office | My Whimsical Cabin Makeover

I first thought this room was going to be just another guest bedroom with a twin-sized bed (it’s very narrow), but I soon realized I needed more storage and workspace since there are no closets in our cabin.

A Murphy bed wouldn’t work either because the ceilings are so low. So, the plan quickly became to convert this small bedroom into a closet and an office for me.

I needed a dresser in a bad way. The first purchase I made was this dresser from an antique shop. It was adorable as is, and I couldn’t resist it.

It’s a very old pine dresser that someone else had already made over. I loved how it looked with my colorful rug from Annie Selke.

Next, I thought about all my clothes, which are usually on hangers back home. I looked on Amazon and found this cute gold clothes rack.

It was perfect.  I found this fun customizable pillow on Etsy too.

I brought a few bags with me, so I decided to use them as art when I’m not carrying them around. I found some fun hooks on Etsy and got these bags on the wall.

I had to figure out what art I needed and where I was going to hang it. I brought a few orignial pieces from my daughter including the Frida on the left and the Barbie on the right.  I ordered a Frida print from my friend and artist, Brittany Atkinson. She also has some super cool acrylics.

I also needed a desk. After sitting at the kitchen table for many weeks, I found it would be nice at times to have a room where I could take phone calls and do some work. I found this desk on FB Marketplace for $50.

I used Dixie Belle Peony paint and then put a top coat. I replaced the handles with these gold ones I found on Amazon.

As I was buying a small side table for another room from a lady on FB Marketplace, she asked if I wanted anything else in her garage. I saw the chair! It was in bad shape but I knew it had potential. She said $5 and the rest is history!

I put a coat of Dixie Belle Fiery Sky on the chair and then painted the spindles in various colors of pink, orange, and green to match the rug.  I also wanted to match my cute curtains that with Schumacher’s fabric in red and pink.

I had one blank wall, so I took out a Mexican embroidered textile and hung it for some pops of color. It worked perfectly in this space! Here’s one that is similar and for sale on Etsy.

The entire space, even though it’s small, really came together.

It is perfect for getting ready in the mornings and also for doing some work. And it definitely makes me feel organized and happy!

If you would like to see a video tour of this space, click here.

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If you missed last week’s bedroom makeover, click here to see it. I’ll be back with more makeovers in my cabin…stay tuned friends!



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