Crazy About Awnings!

I had a dream for a while (although my family thinks I’m crazy) to have an awning in my living room.  I do this quite often—I have an idea in my head. When I’m looking for a special piece, often I’m not sure of what I want exactly, but I know that I’ll know it when I see it. 
While on my way home from Houston, I stopped at an antique store to waste some time.  I had made it through all the rows (because that’s how these cute antique stores are organized) and there on the last row I saw it!  It was dingy white and dirty with leaves caked in the cracks, but all I saw was beautiful!
I labeled every piece, took it apart, cleaned it, and then spray painted it black and white.  Here it is in my living room!  I can’t tell you how many friends stop by and say, “Wow, how cool!”  I flash a smug smile at my family.
Recently, I found another awning for $15 so I snatched it.  Never mind that it rattled the entire trip home from antiquing in Louisiana!  My car companion wanted to kill me, I think.  It was in the same condition, and I followed the same steps.  This one went on my shop!
Other great places for awnings would be inside over a window or over a vanity in a bathroom!  Can’t you just picture it with me?—corrugated metal!  I’ll blog about that one when I find it, too.


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