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Looking for a Sign

One thing that attracts my eye as I shop antique stores are old signs. I can’t get enough of them! The only problem is usually size. Some of these signs are huge, but that doesn’t keep me from dreaming of each one hanging on my walls. I’m always looking for a sign.
This one below was particularly large and expensive, but what a statement it would make! It’s double sided, too. And the fact that it is black and white is a bonus because black and white go with everything, right?
Signs can add so much character to any type of space. I’ve seen them in living spaces, bathrooms, laundry rooms, dining rooms and kitchens. When you are looking for a sign, simply look up! They are usually hanging from the ceiling. But that doesn’t mean you have to hang them—why not just lean them sideways up against a wall? When you think creatively about how you can display a sign, the possibilities are endless.
The only real downside is the expense of purchasing them. It’s no secret that vintage and antique signs can be pricey. I really wanted this Old Jefferson sign, but the cost was just too high for my budget. I bet its still in Beaux Bridge, LA waiting for its future owner.
I found this vintage one not too long ago and it fits perfectly in my entry way. Actually, it was the longest wall in my house, so it had to go here, but I love it in this space. It’s simple, but authentic and gives my space that little something special. And the best part is that it only cost $100, which is a fantastic deal. Worse case scenario, I can always stand it on its end and lean it against the wall if I want to move it elsewhere.
These visual gems serve as perfect conversation pieces. “Where did you get that sign?” Unless someone tries to replicate it (which I’m not opposed to!), no one else will have one like yours.  So, the next time you are looking for a sign, look up. They will be hanging in junk stores, antique shops, and resale boutiques. And if you are lucky, the price will be right.

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