Pallet Wood Ceilings

What’s a girl to do when she has a ton of pallet wood in her garage? I do have friends who have requested signs—and yes, I’m getting to those! But I have so much of this wood that I know I’ll never use it all and it’s taking up valuable real estate that need to be occupied by chairs.  It just so happens that I’ve had problem in my studio. I have two lofts with undersides that are unfinished. I tried to cover it with a thick coat of paint, but I realized quickly that paint would not do the trick.
It’s been bothering me for a while and I originally thought I would buy some old bead board painted in various colors to hide the ugly loft boards. But, a few weeks ago as I sat on my back porch drinking my coffee early one morning I had an idea! What if we used this wood to cover that ceiling? By “we” I mean my husband, of course. He’s a great sport, so he agreed enthusiastically. I helped some, but he did all the cutting and installing. I handed him the pieces.
We first adhered them using a powerful adhesive glue, but as they began to fall from the ceiling, we realized that the nail gun had to come out. Since then, we’ve had no problems at all. And most importantly, it looks great!
Maybe you have a wall or small area that you want to cover in some way? Perhaps you’ve been wanting that farmhouse look? Pallet wood is your answer and the best news is that its super cheap. Search your local Craigslist or hunt down some pallets. You will probably have to remove the nails, but there’s videos and tons of tips on Pinterest for doing that in a safe manner.
Have you used pallet wood for other things? Or maybe this has given you ideas for how to use it in your own space? I would love to hear about it in the comments section.


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