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If you visit Round Rock, Texas anytime in the future, you’ll need to stay in my neighborhood at the newest Airbnb, Annabella’s Studio. My neighbor spent the last year and a half renovating this servant’s cottage built around 1900. And boy, what a renovation it is! I added just a few finishing touches with some styling. And here’s the result…

The front porch is so inviting. I can’t begin to tell you how much I want to go over there an drink lemonade on the porch!

And every cute studio needs a fun bike, and this one does not disappoint! It’s perfect for navigating downtown Round Rock just a few blocks away.

The yard is filled with all sorts of interesting features including this old bathtub-turned-planter painted with butterflies by local artists.

A cute walkway with antique pavers leads to the entrance of the studio. On your way, you’ll pass by the water feature, which is sure to bring a bit of serenity to your day.

Around the side of the studio, is another porch where you can sit and enjoy a snack or early breakfast.

You can’t miss the stained glass, which is everywhere inside and outside the studio. Each one is so unique.

Even the front door is amazing with all that stained glass! Next, I’ll take you inside and show you all the wonderful features, including this epic bicycle sink below! I can’t wait!!! Click here to read.

You can also watch a tour of this cute place on my YouTube channel. Click here to watch. Enjoy! And if you want to book it for your own magical stay, click here.


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