The Chair-a’s Tour Midnights Inspired Chair

When thinking of the Midnights album and the meaning behind why Taylor Swift wrote it, I knew this chair had to be dark like midnight with some surprising sparkle thrown in.

I achieved both of these things with the particular fabrics along with the style of Victorian chair I chose for this project.

To exemplify the Midnights album, I found the most exquisite fabrics. One was a velvet by Vervain called La Discotheque Black Diamonds by designer Sasha Bikoff. (I used her pink crushed velvet for the Lover Inspired Chair back in October.) 

This black velvet has an iridescent sheen with the look of crushed diamonds against a midnight sky.  The pictures do not do it justice at all, trust me!   I also choose a sequined fabric from Etsy for the backside. “Bejeweled” is my favorite song on the album (and the video is to die for!). I knew it would be a great contrast for the backside and a nod to the song.

I found this chair at the local antique mall last month and knew it would be the perfect chair for Midnights: a bit gothic and elegant at the same time.

You probably know what I’m going to say…the fabric always drives the paint, and black paint was an easy choice. I picked my favorite black paint from the cabinet, Benjamin Moore Advanced paint in a Behr color called Limousine Leather.

I didn’t want the chair to be completely black, so I decided to add gold tips to the legs of the chair.

I used the Liquid Leaf classic gold to achieve this look along with some painters tape to get a straight line.

I also added a bit of gold to the very top of the chair for some interest.

The backside is a showstopper. Depending on where you look, the sequins are different colors from pink to green to gold to yellow.

From the front, the chair looks like a dark night, possibly even midnight. And the backside says I’m going out tonight!

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