The Taylor Swift Lover Inspired Chair

I remember when I first heard Taylor Swift on the radio…it was her Tim McGraw song that caught my attention. Back then I listened to country music, and my girls immediately loved her Fearless and Speak Now albums. But, when Red and 1989 came out, those were my favorites.

Through the years, I lost touch with Taylor’s music until recently. My daughters and I scored tickets to the Amsterdam Eras Tour show that will take place on July 4 next summer. We can’t wait for it!  So, I’ve had some catching up to do with regards to Taylor’s music.

To celebrate this, I decided to do a set of Eras inspired chairs based on each of Taylor Swift’s albums for the concert. And since there are 10 albums, and there’s 10 months until our trip…I decided to release one per month (in no particular order) to celebrate her music. And it’s a great way to learn the songs before the concert too!

The first album I decided to do is Lover. I found the perfect chair at a local antique mall and I’ve been wanting to use an amazing crushed velvet for some time. It was the perfect match in heaven…and the Lover chair was born. …But this is how it started. The shape of this chair was perfect for what Lover meant to me.

I used this amazing crushed velvet from Vervain for all over the chair. It’s similar to the color of the coat Taylor wears in her video for “You Need to Calm Down.”

I didn’t want to just paint the chair white, so I chose a pale pink called Verbena from Sherwin Williams. What’s better than pink on pink? NOTHING!

I knew I wanted to layer the backside in roses. So I tried out several sizes and color variations before setting on these from Amazon. (Don’t worry, links are below in my download!)

I also decided to embellish each little flower found on the chair with a couple of different pinks to make them stand out a bit.


I could not be happier with this Lover inspired chair! This chair represents her album to me in the best possible way.

I picked out my favorite songs from the Lover album (but really, I like almost every one).  I’ve got a Spotify favorite playlist if you want to take a listen. Click here.


I have a free download on how to make your own Lover Inspired Chair and it contains all the links to the supplies I used on this chair. CLICK HERE to get it.

And if you haven’t watched my YouTube on how I created this cutie pie, head on over by clicking here.

Now, the only question that remains is which Taylor chair should I do next? I’ll reveal another one next month; stay tuned!



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