The New She Shed is Open for Business!

This past month I had an addition built on to my existing workshop. You might have read my blog, Chair Whimsy is Growing.  And as of yesterday, it was finally completed inside and out!  Construction is messy, but well worth the effort in the end. What I thought would be maybe a week has turned into four weeks. But it’s done and I’m thrilled. 
The final details on the roof were complete two weeks ago with a ridge cresting. What’s that? It’s the ornamental detail on the top of the roof line that gothic and Victorian buildings had long ago.

It’s the details that count, folks. I knew I wanted something like that, however, imagine searching for it not knowing what it was called! After looking through a dictionary of Victorian house terms I discovered this detailing is called ridge cresting. And there’s only a few companies that still make it today. If you happen to see pieces of ridge cresting while junking or antiquing, buy it!  

When deciding how to style the inside, I gave myself the permission to do things completely different. I selected a checkerboard black and white laminate flooring. Durability is a must in my shop and this would hold up the best with the way that I tend to drag and drop things out there. 

I also went with drywall instead of shiplap and omitted the loft spaces to make it feel more open. I snagged this 1970s chandelier at Round Top last month for a steal! Here’s a little secret to getting the best deals: go the last day or the day after the last day and the dealers will basically give their stuff away to avoid having to pack it up. Don’t you love the cedar beam?

I bought a set of corbels from a dealer on Craigslist last year sometime for $15 each. I didn’t know where these would go, but they work perfectly in the transition space. 

On my way home from Minden a few weeks back, I discovered several little towns with amazing junk and antique shops! This old window was repurposed as art with this print and I knew since it was pink that I wanted it for my new space. I’m not sure what it advertised, but if you know, please comment about it!

And now, I have space to spread out all my projects!  It’s amazing to work in there now. 

There’s enough wall space to hang all my vintage and ethnic fabrics that I’ve been collecting from all over the world…until I put them on chairs, that is!

I’m so grateful for this expansion. If you want to read about my original workshop, click here!  It was one of my very first blogs several years ago!  What’s your favorite part of my new she shed? I would love to hear about it in the comments section below!


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