Does the “She Shed” Make Men Jealous?

If you’ve been watching at all, you can’t help but notice the latest trend—tiny homes. To be specific, though, many women are swooning over the tiny house “she shed”—the female response to the “man cave.” These she sheds are used for all sorts of purposes: relaxing, reading, parties, and studios. I’ve been fortunate enough to have my own she shed—a.k.a. my upholstery studio.
I designed mine two years ago with a couple of design must-haves from the get go. First, it needed French doors and I needed them to open out to provide me the most space to work. Some of my pieces are large and can’t fit through a regular door. Next, I knew I had to make the roof look special. It had to be cedar which costs more $$$, but definitely worth every penny in the end. (And, I searched high and low to find that dragon weathervane!) Finally, I wanted it look nice overall. Who wants an eye sore in their yard? It needed to go with the general style of my house. And this is what I got!
I found this amazing art piece at a junk store on clearance for 75% off! Yes, I paid a whopping $12.50! It’s such a strange, striking painting, but in a way I think it looks like me as an old woman. Only time will tell…
I found these old tobacco leaf racks at an antique store in Missouri this past summer. They make the perfect display piece for my favorite fabrics. Only $6 a piece!
Designer fabric is rolled and stored in an old-fashioned trashcan. I’ve got my tools organized and plenty of space to move around. I’m dreaming that some day I’ll have an antique drafting table in here for my design work.
While this is my workspace, it is a getaway…a place where creative juices flow and inspiration can strike at any time. And even though it’s called a she shed, I catch the men in my life wandering out here, hoping to snag some of that same inspiration.


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