Kate Spade Strikes Again

Some day, when I really make it in this world, I’m going to only buy Kate Spade apparel. I love that line of clothing so much, so you can understand why I love her fabric line, too. It’s playful and fresh, and yet, still very grown up. Just a few months ago I blogged about this chair makeover using her linen and chenille dot fabric.  Well, Kate Spade strikes again. And this time it’s a black and white animal print on a large scale. 

But to get back to the beginning of the process…this newly ordered chair would soon be adorning a foyer. So, the hunt for the right fabric and finish began.  The foyer had a red Oriental rug and a gold and glass console table. We wanted something to complement  the pieces already there while not taking up too much space. (You might remember my previous blog on the 10-minute chair.) A Victorian chair was just the thing to do the job, and we started with one of these chairs.

It was important to make sure the fabric went with the rug. In these types of situations, generally you can’t go wrong with black and white. My client looked at several samples in different colors and patterns before deciding on the Kate Spade fabric. I knew she had made the right choice…it is an amazing fabric. 

We then had to decide on a finish. I suggested going with gold to complement the console table. Gold goes with everything too, so if she ever wants to put the chair somewhere else in the house, its going to work no matter what. 

We finished it off with a double welt cord trim, and here you have the finished product. Isn’t it stunning?

It’s simple, yet elegant and playful all at the same time. No boring chair here! What about you? When have you used either this color scheme or small chair in a space in your home. How did it turn out? Or do you love Kate Spade fabric as much as I do?  I would love to hear about it in the comments section. 



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