How Wallpaper Transformed an Old Cabinet

I happen to live down the street from some pretty cool neighbors in my historic neighborhood. And one neighbor in particular moved an old servant’s quarters into her backyard. It’s true—I witnessed that small house being driven down the street under power lines and into her backyard. You can read more about this cute airbnb in my previous posts on Annabella’s Studio.

She added so much charm with the stained glass windows and old doors, but one interesting piece she added to the interior was an old cabinet. In it’s glory days, it belonged to an old grocery store. It had been sitting in her garage for a while.

The scale of this cabinet is huge! Compare it to the refrigerator above!

Her husband gave it a nice coat of paint, but it was in need of some serious personality. And so, back in March we came up with a scheme to wallpaper it.

We selected this great wallpaper from Anthropologie. It brought in pink, orange, blue, purple, and yellow colors into the room. And after carefully measuring, I began to cut the pieces.

All you really need to wallpaper is a measuring tape, straight edge, and a sharp xacto knife. This paper was not prepasted, so we did need to buy wallpaper paste.

It’s typically best to go from one edge to the other, and so I started on the left side and worked my way to the right.

The sheer personality this paper brought to the room was amazing and so worth the work.

The shelves were added back in and then the decorating began. The key was to enhance the look of the cabinet and not hide the wallpaper.

So we settled on some glassware so you could see through it and a cool old wooden horse to contrast with rustic charm.

The white dishes on the bottom shelf would be easy for guests to grab and use while staying there.

The wallpaper was just the thing to give this space some color on the tall walls. What a transformation! Now, how darling is that???

Annabella’s Studio is a great place to stay and you can book it by clicking here. It’s right down the street from me…so if it’s Friday night, swing by for a cocktail on the porch!


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