Whimsical Design at the Frenchie Hotel

Let me introduce to you the cutest hotel I’ver ever seen—The Frenchie Boutique Hotel in Round Top, Texas. Just last month I spent the weekend there with a couple of my friends. This hotel has more personality than any place you might have seen lately. In the world of neutral and playing it safe, my hat is off to them for their color and whimsical design! And all that color just made it the most fun place to stay. Let me show you.

The whimsy began when we pulled up, the main house had the cutest blue Fiat parked out front which led us to the front door. If this is not inviting, then I don’t know what is!

And then who doesn’t want to see the cutest pink Smeg just around the corner from entering the house? It was filled with beverages and snacks for the guests.

The fun design has a little bit of “Texan” mixed in with the rustic furniture throughout the place, giving it a true eclectic feel.

There were several places to sit and relax including this dining/sitting room. I love how they mixed antiques with modern pieces…they play off each other perfectly to keep you guessing the home’s identity.

Light colored wooden floors, chandeliers, splashes of colorful walls, and large art are the staple at this hotel. This is the definition of whimsical design!

And can we just talk about the wallpaper? Below is another sitting area where unexpected art and palm wallpaper meet antique furniture.

The full service kitchen is tucked in the back with every amenity you would ever want to create a gourmet meal. The blue, black, and white color scheme is so refreshing. You don’t get much better than this design.

Off to the side of the kitchen was the breakfast room in pink. I love how the wicker chandelier and table set play off the modern floor tile and warms up the space.

Outdoor seating abounded on the back porch. There was also a fire pit, pool, and hot tub for relaxing.

We stayed in the cottage next to the house that had a couple of rooms.

The cottage’s kitchen had the most adorable kitchenette. This tile and the stained glass window…do I really even need to say more?

The property also has amazing pool houses and art studios where you can stay. And let me say this, as much as I love the flea market that comes around two times a year, being in Round Top in between those times is serene, relaxing, and delightful.

What is your favorite part of The Frenchie? For me, it’s got to be the whimsical design.


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