When Chairs Become Art

If you know me at all, you know that I usually start decor with the chairs. To me, they are the art in a room. And it works particularly well if you have amazing, statement-worthy fabric. This latest set of chairs that I completed fits that description to a T.

It began with a set of end chairs inspired by an order I did a few years ago. My client saw the arm chairs below and wanted something that could work at a dining table.

Then, the two end chairs quickly became a set of six. So, I had to find coordinating fabric for the additional 4 chairs.

If you are not familiar with the floral fabric, I use it all the time. It’s from Designer’s Guild, and I’ve never found anything that could rival it in color or size. It’s definitely art on fabric.

The colors of pink, chartreuse, orange, purple, soft charcoal, and blue (and a few others) are the perfect mixture on the white linen background. For the four other chairs, we used the large floral as our inspiration and went with a hot pink velvet.

The black and white spot fabric adds a bit of playfulness and keeps the chairs from being too serious.

When comparing the chairs to the art hanging on my wall (this one is from Carrie Schmitt), it’s easy to see that chairs have the potential for being the art in a room.

To me, the entire set is breathtaking. It’s simply sprinkling in more art within a space—only you are not putting it on the walls.

So, how can you do this with your chairs? First, pick a dynamic fabric that has lots of color. You don’t have to use it on every chair, just pick two. Then, coordinate other subdued fabrics to enhance it.

And before you know it, you’ll have transformed your own chairs into art, too.


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