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Why You Should Use Architectural Salvage Pieces in Your Home

I am so grateful for antique and junk stores. Without them, my house would be missing many of the things that make it so unique. I used to think that any given store should give me what I am missing in my home. These stores should have multiple items that I could walk away with, but I always left frustrated. Sure, I might find one thing or two, but that’s it. It was the same story when I shopped any given antique or junk store. At best, I would find one thing…well, I had to learn to adjust my expectations, because one thing is all you really need to find. It’s that one treasure that makes the trip worth it. So, why should you use architectural salvage pieces in your home?
Architectural salvage pieces add character to an otherwise bland space. For several months, I stalked this plaster ceiling medallion at a local antique shop. It came from a mansion in Houston that was torn down—I can only imagine what an amazing home that must have been.
IMG_1569Every time I went in to that antique shop, I made my way to that booth just to check on it and make sure it was still there. Then, one day right before Christmas, I went through the same routine and discovered that it was gone! My heart sunk and I scolded myself for not buying it the dozen or so times before. Low and behold my husband had secretly gone in and purchased it for me for Christmas! Good husband, huh? It’s above my mantle in my living room right now. But who knows where I’ll move it to in another year or so. The point is, this piece of architectural salvage adds character to my home. The detail of this plaster is amazing.
Architectural salvage make great conversation pieces when people visit. My first big architectural salvage piece was an old front porch column that I found in Gonzales, Texas at a salvage warehouse. When I brought it home, my family mocked me and laughed asking why in the world I would buy something like that. I told them calmly that this was a great conversation piece. And, I was right! Tons of people comment on that neat column. These corbels are all the rage right now.
You can mount them on a wall, in a corner of an entry way, under an island, or just lay them on a table. No matter how you decide to display it, I guarantee it will make a great conversation piece in your home.
Finally, using architectural salvage pieces in your home makes you more creative. Yes, it does! Think about it. You have to figure out where and how you will display it. You take a big risk when you decide to do something different—which makes you more creative, too.  Your ideas of displaying it will impress and inspire others to do the same thing. Why not put up shutters inside your house flanking two windows or a mirror?
The more chipped, the better!
The next time you visit an antique store, look for one unique salvage piece to add to your decor. It will add that character you’ve been wanting, give people something to talk about, and increase your personal creativity! What pieces have you found to use in your home? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

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