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Last November, my friend Sara from Simply Southern Cottage was on a Magnolia Network TV show called In with the Old. Her episode showed a partial makeover of a Victorian she purchased last year. If you want to stream her episode, you can see more about it here.

One fun thing about this episode, I was in it too! I was the chair person. (In other words, I was “the Clint” to “the Joanna” if you know the Fixer Upper series.)  We had very little time before filming in my shop showing the chairs I would be doing for the dining room. Sara had decided on this beautiful wallpaper mural by Daisy Bennett Designs. Jaima is one of our fellow PINK Creatives alum.

I quickly put together this mood board to show Sara what I was thinking as far as fabrics and chairs. The wallpaper is in the middle.

Then, I began looking for the right chairs for the space. Here’s my garage with some of my chairs. I know, it’s embarassing!

I found the 4 dining chairs below on Marketplace and snatched them up.

And, I had a pair of the chairs pictured below that had been waiting for the right project. These would be the end chairs.

I started searching on my phone to figure out what these chairs were called. I found all sorts of interesting information like tulip chairs, Hollywood Regency chairs, Gatsby Fan chairs. I thought these were perfect for the project because the top floor in Sara’s Victorian had been known as a speakeasy (so legends say).


I also found this French style table on Marketplace too, so it would be part of the design as well.

We began whittling down the fabric choices from the selection below.

It’s important to me to figure out the chairs before selecting the final fabrics. To me, chairs have personalities and the fabric needs to go along with that.

We also added a settee that would be against the wall in the dining room too. For this, I thought a stripe would be the perfect addition to the space.

Once the table was set up, we decided we needed two more chairs, so I grabbed these Victorian ones from my garage and did a quick makeover in the fabrics.


Rob was our videographer and came to film all day in my studio last April. We had to keep all this top secret!

Here we are after completing one chair of the makeover and one full day of filming at my studio.

To see all of these in the space is breathtaking. I love how the set turned out.

Lucky me, I got to style the table, too.

Here’s that gorgeous settee with art above it created by our friend and fellow PINK alum, Brittany Atkinson.

Even though the chairs were different from each other, I made them work together by using the same fabrics.

I’ve never loved green and blue so much! You can see more videos on my YouTube channel by clicking here.

I’m hosting my Ugly Chair Challenge this week from Wednesday to Sunday. I do this twice a year, and it is so much fun to participate in.  Here’s what you’ll learn…

  1. How to find the best antique chairs
  2. How to find great fabrics
  3. How to pick out the right paint
  4. How to mix and match fabrics
  5. And what old chairs can become with a little creativity!

It’s all about design and that is the fun part!

It runs for five days and I teach a live lesson every single day. These lessons are also recorded for those who can’t make it or want to listen again.

You get to vote on an ugly chair that you would like to see me do a makeover on during the 5 days. You’ll see me in action…I’ll explain why I picked the fabric I did, the paint, and show you the thinking behind the design.

It only cost $10 to join. It’s the most fun, you’ll have this month; I hope you join me! Click here to see more!


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