Turning an Ugly Chair Beautiful

Nothing makes me happier than to transform a chair that has seen its better days. I’ve had this small chair in my storage for a while just sitting there waiting for the right moment.

The doors to my Ugly Chair Challenge opened today, and since I like to show makeovers for the challenge, the moment was finally right.

The top was loose and the frame was really dirty. After a good clean up, I looked for the right fabrics.

Remember that dress that I wore for my book party?  I had extra fabric left over and decided it was time to use it. Click here to see where to get that fabric.

For me, the fabric always drives the paint color.  I decided on this pink, Tuberose from Sherwin Williams. I used it on my dresser in my dining room.

Then, I turned to applying the fabric. This chiffon embroidered fabric went on first so that it would peek out the back.

I very carefully stapled it into place and trimmed off the excess.

Then, I applied a white fabric so that it would hide the insides of the chair and show off the see through embroidered fabric.

Then I turned to add a pink buffalo check in the same hue as the paint. I picked Brunschwig and Fils Lackland Check Pink.

I applied the checked trim, careful to line it up so it looked nice. And here you have the finished chair.

It’s so much fun to transform a piece by trying out ideas. That is what my Ugly Chair Challenge is about…how to style a chair. It teaches how to find great antique chairs, pick out fabrics, and match up paint to get a great looking chair. But most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to practice your creativity.

If you want to have the most fun you’ve ever had (and I’m not exaggerating!), join my Ugly Chair Challenge. It is from August 2-6 and is only $10 to join…it’s the best money you’ll ever spend, I promise!  Join the Ugly Chair Challenge by clicking here.


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