The Joy of Florals

There are so many different kinds of floral fabrics available today. Just this week I’ve finished up some chairs that sport floral prints, but in very different ways. For the first set of chairs, my client (let’s call her client A) wanted a set of floral chairs to spark up a living room. She loved purple, navy, and yellow.  Ideally, these chairs would accentuate a painting she already had in the space.

My other client (let’s call her client B) also wanted a sitting chair for her living room, but the colors in that space were already bold with pumpkin painted walls, a blue sofa, and multicolored rug. The space was small, so I suggested the following chair.

Then, the hunt for the right florals began. After seeing client A’s painting, I headed straight for books with Designer’s Guild florals. You may remember I’ve used their fabrics before both here and here, and they never disappoint. These very large floral prints look spectacular on chairs, in my opinion. Lucky for us, there were several florals to choose from on this fabric. 
One of them had more pinks mixed with the purple.

The other had dominating yellow and purple flowers. 

Together, they made a perfect couple for this redesigned living room. 

We paired the floral with a luxurious navy velvet that I’ve used before. I can’t get enough of this velvet!

And, to give it twist, a purple pinstripe was the surprise on the backside. 

And, lest I forget the paint! I’ve never used this shade of Annie Sloan, but it’s a soft pink/purple shade called Paloma with a clear wax.

Because client B already had a color explosion going on in her room, it only made sense to play along and go with it. So, this amazing floral by Vervain is the one we chose.  In a way, it has a retro feel to it. The colors are amazing, using mustard, red, pink, and blues. 

The paint is another Annie Sloan called Aubusson Blue. It’s perfect to bring out the blues in the fabric and to frame the floral. 

Sometimes when the fabric is so wild, it just makes sense to go all in and cover the entire chair, and that’s what we did here. 

I have no doubt that these designs will bring joy to the spaces where they live. I love both for very different reasons. The boldness of the Vervain is attractive, but the feminine Designer’s Guild warms my heart.  Which is your favorite and why? I would love to hear in the comments section!


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