The Chair-a’s Tour Red-Inspired Chair

Taylor Swift’s Red album inspired chair has been the most difficult of all 10 chairs for me to design.

Perhaps because it’s my favorite album, so I feel more pressure to get it exactly right?

Or maybe it’s because I had trouble finding exactly the right fabrics?

Or the right chair frame?

It took me some time to land on the right chair…and I decided on this classic French frame. It had straight legs and was well defined. And I hadn’t used this style frame yet, so it felt like the right choice.

This was Taylor’s first cross over into pop music and I knew I needed something to show that. I wanted red, black, and white on this chair, along with stripes because this is what she wears in the concert while performing her Red album.  I painted the chair white so it would be a perfect backdrop for the fabrics.

I didn’t want just any stripes, I wanted sequined stripes. And after an exhaustive search the only thing I could find was a Ralph Lauren dress on Poshmark. From there, I knew the seat had to be red, but I didn’t want velvet. I needed something shiny, new, and different to go with the sequins.

I found the perfect red, sparkle vinyl on Amazon. It was the perfect match for the sequined top.

With all types of vinyl or leather, you have to use decorative tacks (or nailhead trim) to cover all the staples. I chose pewter because I felt that it would  complement the fabrics better than gold.

This album is about passion, love, and heartbreak, and so I wanted to put a heart on the chair somewhere. I found this 4 inch sequined heart online. Once I got the chair together, I decided it would go on the backside over the seam.

The one thing I knew I had to have for this chair was a red scarf. The red scarf is key because her song, “All Too Well” is one of the most popular songs on the album. It talks about her ex keeping her old red scarf in a drawer at his home to remember her.

I just didn’t know how I would incorporate the scarf until the chair was complete. I simply draped it around the middle and tied it in the back.

I also embellished the flowers on the legs with black and red paint.

Once I had painted a stripe, I used the white paint to go over it so it wouldn’t look too perfect.

It’s quite the transformation from the original chair, and I feel it emcompasses what the Red album means to me.  

If you would like to create your own Red-inspired chair, I have a free download on my website that shows you how. Click here and scroll down to my Red-inspired chair at the bottom of the page.

I’ve got all the products linked in my LTK shop. Click here to see more.

Want to see a video of how I put this chair together?  Check out my latest Youtube episode showing this Red inspired chair.


I’ve got 3 more chairs to reveal (well, probably 4 with the addition of her new album coming out this month) until I head to Amsterdam with my daughters to see her live in concert! Stay tuned until next month!


I'm Wendy Conklin, The Chair Stylist.

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