The Chair-a’s Tour Fearless Inspired Chair

When I first laid eyes upon this chair on FB Marketplace, I knew it was the right one for my Fearless-inspired chair.

If you take a look at Fearless Taylor’s Version, it looks like her hair blowing in the wind to the left and her face to the right.

I had to have it, and so I had a shipper pick it up in Oklahoma and bring it here.

Can you see the similarities too?

I got it all stripped down and I prepped with a primer because I knew I was going to use a metallic paint.

I chose this one only because of the shade that I wanted. It needed to be brassy and bright to work with my fabric.

To embellish the chair, I picked up 5 mm rhinestones,E6000 glue, and jewelry tweezers.  I began placing the rhinestones on the flower cut out at the top of the chair. I ended up not using the tweezers on this part because it was easier to just place each one with my fingers.

Next, I jumped into the upholstery. To my surprise, there were many metallic velvets to choose from for fabric. I ended up choosing the Kravet Luxe, which is discontinued but there was stock available and I snatched up a yard!

It’s a super soft upholstery velvet.

It has a shimmer and a nice weight to it. As it was going on the chair, I knew It was the perfect fabric.

Once the upholstery and welt cord trim were on, I went back to embellishing the chair. This time, I used the tweezers and applied it in the grove on the top of the chair. It took several hours.

I felt this was enough to give the extra sparkle without covering the entire chair, which probably would have taken a week! It was a good compromise.

The metallic paint turned out excellent and worked great with the fabric.


Typically, I have the backside of the chair that has something spectacular, but this chair is the opposite.

It’s all on the frontside this time.

To me, this is the perfect Fearless-Inspired chair with the gold and rhinestones as well as this epic chair frame.   To see all my Taylor Swift-inspired chairs, go to this page. I have downloads to show how to make each one.

If you want to make your own, my like to know it shop has all the supplies. You can click here to order the products.

You can also watch me create this chair on my latest YouTube episode. Click here to watch it.

Next month, I’ll have another one! Stay tuned friends!


I'm Wendy Conklin, The Chair Stylist.

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