The Chair-a’s Tour Evermore Inspired Chair

When I created my Folklore inspired chair last December, my plan was to mimic the same sort of design on the Evermore chair.

I was going to use the same faux bois chair frame that mimicked wood. I thought that since the two albums are considered sister albums, both being released during the pandemic in 2020, that made sense.

My two chairs would have a similar look.


I purchased the same embroidery but with a black tulle background.

I wasn’t sure of the color velvets, but I was thinking I would go orange.

But, my plans changed when I picked up this chair from a seller on Facebook Marketplace last month. I began to think it was a better choice for the Evermore chair simply because of the carvings.  I also loved how the purple fabric looked with the finish of the chair, which changed my mind about what color velvet to use.

I got busy stripping it down and then had another idea…why not sand the chair, but only on the backside. I always like to surprise people with something different or unexpected on the back. I grabbed my sander and got to work!

The embroidery went on first for the backside of the chair. Then, I layered the purple fabric next.

Once I finished with the purple velvet on the front, I had to decide what part of the embroidered fabric I would use…would I go with the heavy, busy part that I used on the back? Or would I go with the part that I used on the Folklore chair?

I ended up using the busy part. I thought that it looked better on this chair.

Then, I had some decisions to make about the trim on the seat. I didn’t want to use double welt cord. That would be too boring.


I had some of this trim tape I had picked up from Joann Fabrics last year. I hadn’t used it yet. It wasn’t a perfect match, but I needed something to cover all my staples.

Once it was in place, I cut out flowers from the embroidery and added them around the edge at various spots. I liked it immediately!

It added something to seat. To have put the entire embroidery on the seat too, well, that would have been overload. But this simple trim solution gave the solid seat the little something it needed.

And keeping with tradition, I provided a surprise on the backside!

It feels like the perfect Evermore Chair to me.  Similar to Folklore to be the sister chair, but with its own personality.

You can see more of my process and the chair in the making on my latest YouTube episode. Click here.

If you are interested in any of these supplies, I put them all inside my Like to Know It Shop.

I also have a free download that shows how to make your own Evermore chair. Click here to get yours!

I have four more chairs to go to complete my Chair-a’s Tour. Stay tuned for more next month!


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