The Chair-a’s Tour 1989-Inspired Chair

Taylor Swift’s 1989 album is second in line to my favorite album, Red. These are intertwined for me with her switch over to pop music. I have fond memories of driving my kids to school in the mornings and hearing these songs on the radio. I remember the debut, “Welcome to New York” specifically.

So, my inspiration for the 1989 inspired chair started with my Guess jean jacket that I had back in 1989. This jean jacket was the “it” jacket back then and I still have it in my closet. I immediately knew I had to incorporate it on the chair.


With the new Taylor’s Version, it shows the seagulls and that gave me the idea of the beach-vibe that I felt this chair definitely needed.

I found this sweet antique chair and felt it would be fitting for this new design. I painted the chair a light blue paint and then distressed it.

I didn’t want to use my own jacket, so I hunted down a replica on Poshmark. It’s a Guess by Marciano and was identical to the one I had saved all these years.

I ended up painting on the number 1989 freehand, cut out the triangle from the bottom of the jacket and glued it to the pocket. I also cut out the Made in America tag and glued it there too (since Taylor was born in America).

Another great feature I added were the seagulls. I custom ordered them from Lettermom Jackets. My friend Lisa owns that company and she helped design many different seagulls in various sizes and colors for me to use.

The seat fabric came from Serena & Lily. I wanted a rugby look, so I chose to lay the stripes horizontal instead of vertical.

I loved playing around with where the seagulls were going to be on the chair, and I chose to put one on the collar and the other one on the bottom frame.

A few of them needed to be on the front of the jacket, too.

If you want to see more of the products that I used, check out my Like To Know It shop by clicking here.


If you would like to create your own 1989-inspired chair, I have a free download on my website that shows you how. Click here and scroll down to my 1989-inspired chair at the bottom of the page.

Want to see a video of how I put this chair together? Check out my latest YouTube episode showing this 1989 inspired chair.

I’ve got 2 more chairs to reveal (well, probably 3 with the addition of The Tortured Poets Department) until I head to Amsterdam with my daughters to see her live in concert! Stay tuned until next month!



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