Styling with the Chair Stylist

I get asked a lot, “How do you combine fabrics to achieve a certain look for your chairs?” So just for fun, last spring I put together 6 different videos that explained how I think through the design process as I work with fabrics. I was blown away by how much everyone enjoyed the videos!

So, I decided to put together a design series as a course. And the best part is, I priced it at only $19. I know that everyone can’t afford my more expensive upholstery course or my fabric course. Which led me to create something that everyone can learn from and afford. Friends, designing is a creative process and everyone can learn how to do it!

Let me tell you about this newest $19 course, Styling with the Chair Stylist! It’s got 10 brand new videos with activity sheets so you can apply what I’m teaching. You may never upholster a chair, but everything I teach is applicable to designing your space including pillows, artwork, bedding, etc. Each episode talks about a different look that I am trying to achieve.

Bohemian Glam

The first episode talks you through my process as I design the bohemian-glam look. It’s relaxed and yet full of glamour so you don’t relax too much!

Eclectic Mix

In my second episode, I teach how to put together an eclectic mix where each chair has 3 different fabrics. I have a specific way that I do this, and I love teaching it to others!

Coordinating with Florals

The third episode explains how to coordinate other fabrics with florals. Not every fabric works, and it’s good to know the rules on how to achieve that effortless mix.

Styling Big Florals

Next, we take a deep dive into how to work with fabrics that have big florals. What is the best positioning for a big floral either on a chair, a pillow, curtains, bedding, etc.? I take you through my process so you get the very best look.

Multi-Colored Florals

When you have a fabric with multi-colored florals, how do you know how to get the most impact from it? I’ve got a few tips for why I’m attracted to certain combos and why it works.

Eclectic Sets of Four

By far the biggest question I get is how do I style with an eclectic set of four or more chairs. I’m spilling the beans in this episode to show how I think about these fabrics when I mix and match them so that I get a variety that is both diverse and cohesive at the same time.

Authentic Textiles

Authentic textiles are all the rage nowadays, and in this episode I teach how to get this amazing look not only with textiles, but with finishes too!

The Modern Antique

What do you do when you have antiques but you want to go for a more modern look? I’ve the goods on how to change up your antiques to look more modern in episode 8!

Mixing Chair Frames

What if you wanted to mix different chair frames? How do you do it and make sure you don’t make a mistake? By following a few simple rules you can achieve this look effortlessly.

Monochromatic Fabrics

Who says monochromatic has to be boring? Not me! I’m talking all about incorporating amazing style using a tone on tone color scheme in this final episode.

Bonus Videos for these Chairs

And if that’s not enough, I’ve included 6 extra bonus videos just for fun! Friends, this course is valued at well over $100…it’s so packed with information. (But I’m only charging $19 because I want to make it accessible to all my Friends!!!)

Research tells us that to be more creative, we need to surround ourselves with other creatives. This is your chance to learn from me and hear how I think as I design, which will open your mind to new possibilities as you design for yourself!

Are you ready to learn? I sure hope you are! You can join the course by clicking here! I hope you will!


I'm Wendy Conklin, The Chair Stylist.

What brings me joy is helping others live more creatively. I design antique-inspired, boutique chairs, and I teach others how to do what I do. Check out my shop, services, and courses to bring more whimsy into your home and life!

Check out my online courses to spark your creativity and upgrade your joy, starting today!

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