My Favorite Places to Shop for Clothes

Last night I spent time going through my college year book only to remark to my husband that I’ve always worn colorful and patterned clothes. How funny is that? Some things never change.

I’ve had so many questions about where I get my clothes after my closet makeover reveal last week. If you missed that post, click here to see more.

I love dresses, and wear them as much as I can. I get them at a few different places. This one below is from Print Fresh, but it’s from last year. There are a few others I have my eye on and want to get. You can see them by clicking here and clicking here.

Boden is another place that has really cute dresses and I love wearing these throughout the hot summer. Again, I got these a year ago so they are not available anymore. But here are some that I love and have contemplated getting.  Here’s a fun green one from the summer. Here’s a pretty one for fall.  Click here to see a maxi dress from this past summer’s collection.


I’ve got several Sue Sartor dresses that I love. This is the flounce dress and you can see more by clicking here.

Of course, Frances Valentine is a favorite in all their cute colors. The long caftan is a favorite as well as the short ones that can be worn with pants or as a shorter dress or swimsuit coverup. You can see one of my current favorites by clicking here.

I just bought this super cute pink checked sundress from Kate Spade outlet and am in love with how it fits. I can’t wait to wear it on my vacation this week.

I love wearing patterns in my tops and pants, but my general rule is to have either a plain top with patterned pants or a patterned top with plain pants. That tends to look the best on me.  Here’s a cute white top from JCrew that I am presently loving.

Boden has a pretty top here that I really adore.  I’ve also ordered this fun top for fall and it’s darling with all the embroidery.

And Kate Spade had this red checked top I just got because I couldn’t resist and I wore it with my white crop jeans last week.

If you want to shop 25 of the things I’m loving right now, Click here to see my Clothing Picks Guide and happy shopping!




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