Mother’s Day She-Shed Makeover

To all the moms out there, Happy Mother’s Day!  I’m not sure what you did today, but I was busy having fun! Seriously, what mom would love to spend her day doing DIY projects? Me, that’s who! I get so little time to do these fun projects, that it’s a special treat when I make the time. I’m not known for laying around and relaxing…that feels wrong to me. (Don’t worry, I’ve got friends who get on to me for this, but it’s in my DNA, I can’t help it!)

So here’s what I did with some of my time today. I decided my studio (aka, she-shed) needed a new color on the doors. With my greenhouse going up piece by piece, I’ve planned for it to be painted green and pink. And so the doors on 1/2 of my studio (the yellow building) needed a change. Black wasn’t going to work anymore…too traditional looking. So I’m trying something new to see if I like it…a pink set of doors on that side.

I might even go a little crazy and paint the awning on the side of the building a new set of colors! It’s just paint, after all, and I can always change it. The pink matches my chippy door on the other side of my studio.

And I was so inspired by a fellow instagram-er a few weeks ago, that I ordered some faux flowers with the intention of teaching myself to do an arrangement. I want some cute flowers to hang on these outside doors. First, I created two wreaths for the double doors.

Taking a cue from her arrangement, I ordered pinks, yellow, white, and a little orange for this arrangement. You can be the judge of my project as a first timer. I’ve got a lot to learn!!!

I might end up putting these floral arrangement on my greenhouse doors or making another one. I have a lot of respect for people who do floral arrangements, now! It’s good to try new things, though. I’m always learning.

And that’s my she-shed Mother’s Day makeover! Happy Mother’s Day, friends! I hope your day was as fulfilling as mine was!

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