Modern Chairs for a Rustic Salon

During my last hair appointment back in December, my hairstylist delivered the great news that she was moving shops. Her new shop was just a few minutes down South Congress Avenue in Austin. There, she would have room to not only design her own salon, but also have chickens and a community garden—two things she had only dreamed about. With this new design, she had two chairs that she wanted me to tackle. These would serve as the “waiting room” chairs.

The name of the salon is Orange Salon, so you’ve probably guessed what color the chairs needed to be. I went to work searching for the right modern fabric to offset the rustic decor throughout the salon. When she found this new space, it was even painted the right colors.  What a cute little house for a salon! 

She even placed two little orange trees in front. I can’t wait to see the garden come to life.

Right when you walk in, there’s the sitting area with my two chairs. This fabric not only looked fabulously fun and modern, it was durable and on sale! 

My chairs weren’t the only cool fabric pieces in the shop. Heather, the owner, also had the stylist’s chairs custom covered in a rustic leather with amazing details sewn on them. Who wouldn’t want to sit in one of these?

You probably know my love of pallet wood from my previous projects. Pallet wood was used throughout the salon beginning with this amazing storage unit at the stylist’s station. 

It’s used as wall storage in the shampoo room, too.  What a great way to create something unique out of cheap materials. Seriously, you can find pallets on the side of the road for free.

The shampoo stations also utilize pallet wood in a unique way for the bowls. 

I’m saving the best for last. The pallet wood was also installed on the walls. The natural prints on this wood make these walls really something special. 

And by now you’ve probably noticed the industrial lighting adorning the blue ceilings. These were custom made on site and gives the perfect amount of lighting for both the customer and stylist. Anything else would have hung too far down or just looked generic. It’s these little touches that make all the difference—don’t underestimate or skimp on the lighting.

I don’t want to forget to mention that when I got out of my car, the chickens were there to greet me. It’s just the first week and the chickens were already in their amazing coop!  (I’m going to get some chickens this year.)

I can’t wait for my appointment next month! Not only is Heather an amazing stylist, her shop is now the coolest place on South Congress. Now, you can’t get any better than that! 


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