Why We Love the Boho Style

Just recently, I got an order from a client who gave me full freedom to use any fabrics of my choosing on a set of chairs. It’s a big compliment when I get those sort of orders. It’s also a little nerve racking. At least I knew they liked the boho style chairs I had done for a previous client, so I steered my creative efforts in that direction.  The boho-chic style is drawing more and more people, and so I had to ask myself, why? What draws us to this boho style?

I do believe the deep jewel tones, while exciting, is also calming to the eye. And surprisingly, the deep pinks, purples, reds, and oranges mix well together. 

To bring in some interest on the seat, each one has a different pattern including tear drop, chevron, damask, and stripe.  To have left one of them a solid would have surely been a mistake. 

To get the best paint for these bright fabrics, I simply used a chalk paint with a dark wax. This neutral allowed the fabric to be the star of the show. 

The neutral fabrics on the backside are easy to mix and match with the multi-colored ones.  A little bit of animal print, flowers, textured chartreuse, and cheetah bring it all together. 

A big bonus is that these jewel tones work quite well with any neutral. Notice how they brighten up the natural wood tones found in my outdoor farmhouse table.

In fact, there’s so much richness in the color scheme, you really don’t need much else. I only added some pink tulips, pink wine, and pink napkins with a touch of brass. 

Doesn’t this get you in the mood for an evening cocktail party? I’m going to plan one soon…but I’ll have to make over some fun boho-chic chairs for my guests! Why do you love this style? I would love to hear about it in the comments section below. 



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