I ♥️ Greenhouses

For years, I’ve been wanting a greenhouse in my backyard. There are several reasons, not to mention my plans for photographing my chairs in it! I also have tons of hanging ferns around my home, and they die every winter because I have no place to store them. And, working in the yard is a stress reliever for me…even pulling weeds. Finally, I love learning, and I want to learn how to grow more plants.

Back in January, I asked my super talented neighbor if he could help me build one. We mapped out the area in the yard and the building began. Well, almost.

I knew I wanted to use salvaged materials as much as possible. I found a slew of 25 windows for sale from an old warehouse 50 minutes away. They were updating and renovating, so we drove up and paid $75 for the entire group! Many of the windows were dirty and needed repairs, but what a deal.

A concrete perimeter was poured on a cold weekend in February and the building began to take form.

We used two of the windows to create a dutch door on one end.

Old windows went up on both sides and the top row opens to encourage air flow. I’ve painted those windows sage green. We bought corrugated metal for the roof and the bottom base.

I had an old door and some victorian shingles in my garage. I bought them 4-5 years ago knowing I would find somewhere to put them. Just this week, the shingles made their debut. They will be painted pale pink.

The amazing door will be painted in shades of bright pink very soon. A lantern light will hang inside. I think I might need some fun string lights too! The windows on either side of the doors will be going in soon and will get a fresh coat of paint on them. I can’t wait to start plants in and around this greenhouse. Last weekend my daughters gave me a couple of blood orange trees. I’m hopeful I’ll be able to keep them alive.

I’ll be giving a big update when we are done, but you can get weekly updates if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram. I can’t wait!!!


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