Greenhouse Paint Palette

Today I had the chance to finally work on painting my greenhouse…well part of it! I announced a while back that I was going to paint it using pinks…but I did have my doubts. However, I knew I liked the pink paints used on my workshop. The sage green paint is based on my bench.

If you’ve been following along, you know that the greenhouse is coming together using almost all recycled materials with exception to the metal roofing/siding and the lumber for the frame. Last weekend I picked up some amazing antique bricks that will be used for flooring.

Old bead board will the siding on the outside around the antique windows. And the Victorian shingles are gracing the eaves and trim around the top.

All the paints are from Sherwin Williams. When looking for great color combos, I stick with colors on the same swatch to make sure they blend nicely. For the top eaves, Verbena (SW6581). The door is In the Pink (SW6583). I’ll also be using Valentine (SW6587) as an embellishment somewhere.

To this color scheme, I added a green called Svelte Sage (SW6164). This is the paint for the windows on the sides and next to the door.

There’s still a lot of work to be done, but here’s my progress today!

Although it’s light, the Verbena pink paint now covers the Victorian shingles. The bead board will get the same paint when it goes up!

In the Pink now covers the door made from two windows, with the shelf and side windows in Svelte Sage, a combo I’ve always loved.

Hints of the Valentine paint are in seen in the wreath to give you an idea of how that color will play with the others.

I can’t wait to get this puppy done so I can use it…but one day at a time!


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