How to Throw a Super Fun Book Party

I’ve been planning my book launch party that will be held March 25. (Get your tickets here while they last!)

It takes a lot of planning for any party.  Parties should be fun for both you and your guests.  I’ve always been good at party planning, and here’s the behind the scenes of what’s going to happen and my process.

First, you need to think about what people will do at the party. I begin with what do I love to do? I personally love house tours and go on as many as I can.  So I thought I would open my home for a tour. You’ll be able to walk through my foyer…

…see my dining room (and the current updates I’m doing there!)…

… my kitchen with that amazing chandelier…

…and my living room. (I’m just finishing up some updates in that space!)

The colorful wallpapered stairs will take you up to the bedrooms.

This one is mine. It has an over-the-top large room that has a fireplace. (We’ll never use because we live in Texas!)

You’ll get to see the red and pink lobster room.

And finish it off with the green and pink floral room.

You’ll go inside my greenhouse and see how it’s built with all the fun windows.

I’ll have my studio ready so you can peek around at my current projects.

You’ll be able to walk inside my camper and see just how tiny it is!

Second, you need to think about the flow of the party. What order do you want people to do all the things? To help with this I have a map.  You want to avoid bottle-neck problems as much as possible.  The plan is to enter the house tour first, then go outside where people can explore the camper, greenhouse, and studio in any order.

Third, think about what people will eat & drink at the party. You need to make this easy if people will be walking around, which is what will be happening here.  We will have a cupcake truck and charcuterie cups…both easy to carry and eat.

I’ll have a variety of drinks iced down in my pink painted bathtub as well as a frosé machine where you can enjoy a fun cocktail.

Finally, you need to think about what people will walk away with. Those who come will get a signed copy of my book, Life Whimsy: How to Think, Play, and Work More Creatively.  There will also be an old-fashioned photo booth that prints out the cute strips to take home.

Life Whimsy: How to think, play, & work more creatively by Wendy Conklin

Many people might travel to the party, so it’s important to tell them what else they can do while visiting. It just so happens that Round Top Flea Market is going on at the same time. If you’ve never been, you’re missing out! It’s also worth driving up to Magnolia to see the empire Chip and Joanna Gains built. So grab your girlfriends, hubby, or make it a solo trip and head to Austin March 25. You can get your tickets here:

It’s sure to be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to meet you!  You can watch my latest YouTube video about this event here:


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