How Creatives Get New Ideas

I’m always dreaming up new ideas to try out on chairs. Sometimes I actually follow through on them. With my new line of chairs, I’ve been dreaming up new releases, limited edition chairs, and one-of-a-kind chairs.  And I’m having a ball doing it, too! 

Just lately, I’ve finished four one-of-a-kind chairs. Why? I like to try things out and see how they will look. If it’s received really well, then maybe it will be a new release in my collection. Or, perhaps it will just sell as a one-of-a-kind chair for a lucky client. 
On two of these chairs,  I used a beautiful Designer’s Guild floral. I paired it with a lush indigo velvet to ground the floral and bring out some of the blue and grey tones. The finish is somewhat unusual; a slightly distressed soft lavender paint. 

These florals remind me of Monet’s paintings. The colors are so vibrant and strong. I could see these at a desk or vanity, or even the end chairs at an elegant dining table. 

So many colors are included in these floral clusters, that they virtually go with anything. Look at this green dresser, which is so vibrant, but the chair works perfectly there. I could see these at a rustic farmhouse table, too, after looking at it with the antique tool box on the dresser.  

The other set of one-of-a-kind chairs was one with Mexican embroidery. I can never resist an amazing embroidery, and these two were so spectacular, I didn’t hesitate to buy them. 

I decided to not be shy and I paired them with one of my newest favorite blue paints, Annie Sloan Aubusson Blue.  And I learned something great in the process…I didn’t need to use wax to seal it. Instead, I sealed the paint using a top coat protector from General Finishes. It worked perfectly without the hassle of waxing or the stickiness.  

That toucan!!!  It gets me every time.  Right now, all of these chairs are available in my shop by clicking here.  But since they are one-of-a-kind chairs, they probably won’t last for long. 
I’m loving all my work in the studio these days, and part of that is the ability to play with these fabrics and finishes. Sometimes, that’s how creatives get their best ideas. How do you get your best ideas?  I would love to hear about it in the comments section below. 


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