Frazadas: One of my Newest Faves

I’m always on the hunt for new fabrics that I can use for upholstery. “Normal” individuals go into a store and appreciate the tablecloths, skirts, and rugs on display. But evidently, I’m not normal. When I go into a store, my mind automatically goes into high gear thinking about how I could use these textiles on chairs. Often, I don’t have any specific chairs or projects in mind. I am merely just attracted to the vibrant colors and rich textures. 

Just lately, Peruvian frazada rugs have caught my eye as one of my newest faves. The colors! The texture! The fantastic boho look! And the durability! Frazadas have it all. And best of all, I had just the chairs that could utilize these rugs…a set of four balloon back chairs.

These rugs and blankets are all handwoven and colored with natural dyes made from plants, roots, and vegetable dyes. Each one is unique, and t he colors are spectacular.

Design is all about the process and it evolves as I work on the chairs. And believe me when I tell you this, I make plenty of mistakes that I have to undo. I have to experiment to know what will look right. I was thinking that I would strip the wood chairs of their finish, but the finish didn’t prove to be so spectacular. So, I began hunting through my cabinet for just the right paint. I spotted a gold paint and I knew it was the right combo.

I didn’t want the gold to be too shiny, though. I applied a wax to age it a bit. The finish is perfect: dressy but casual. The aged gold plays off the bold, vibrant colors in the rugs.

Since the rugs were small, I knew I couldn’t cover all four. So, I used two different ones that looked nice together. I placed the rugs on the chairs to have two that were horizontal and two that were vertical.

Finally, I had to decide on the trim. Imagine my 19-year old daughter and myself sitting on the floor of a local fabric store trying out various trims on one of the chairs. Yes, I have to see it visually in order to know if it will work. Fortunate for us, we found this sweet trim in the perfect pink shade that gave each of the chairs a perfect, playful look.

These will be paired with a wood table that has a gold base. I can’t wait to see how they look together!

What do you think about Peruvian frazada rugs? Could you see something like this in your own home? Let me know in the comments section below!


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