Fabulous Fabrics for a Color Filled Home

Do you have a home that can handle lots of color? Well, my latest clients do! And from the pictures they showed me of their previous home, they were not afraid of color either.  They expressed a desire to have a variety of different bright colored fabrics that would include a stripe. I knew exactly the fabrics I would be selecting to show my clients…a chic, colorful pallet created by Dana Gibson

I had just the set of chairs ready for a makeover. The French lines of this set would make the perfect pairing of white paint and colorful fabrics. 

I’ve been a fan of Dana Gibson’s fabrics for a few years. Here’s a set of whimsical Victorian balloon back chairs that I showcased at Marburger Farm Antique Show several years ago. These eye catching fabrics pop against the white gloss paint.

My clients also wanted a stripe with bright yellows and greens and since this fabric line did not have one, I looked to an old favorite, Artbook by Kim Parker.  This would adorn the front of one of the chairs. 

Once my clients selected their favorites from the fabrics I showed them, I went to work matching a coordinating backside fabric. I simply looked for a common thread in color. This was the easy the part. 

If a print was large on the front, I looked to pair it with a smaller print on the back and vice versa. 

What I love most about these fabrics is the ability to mix and match, even though they don’t exactly match. It makes the process of doing this so easy and effortless. 

I can’t wait to see pictures of these in their home. Wow, what a colorful scene they will make!  

Which chair is your favorite? I would love to hear about it in the comments section!



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