Transform your chairs

from eyesore to inviting

with the perfect fabric

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You've inherited a set of chairs that have been in your family for generations.

Except the thing is, they're in desperate need of a makeover!

Between the outdated upholstery and the chipped woodwork, somehow, these once treasured heirlooms went from shabby-chic to just plain shabby (with a dash of embarrassing!).

You know, with a little love and elbow grease, you can make these chairs shine again so you can proudly display them in your home and honor your family's history.

But how do you find the right fabric for the upholstery? Something that exudes all the joy you want your home to feel for that ultimate "Chair Whimsy" look?

Transform your chairs from eyesore to inviting with the perfect fabric that complements your home and style.

After all, you're done with temporary furniture. You know the chairs you're gracing your home with will last forever and will be coveted and passed down for generations.

As your bonafide fabric hunter,
I'll locate the ideal patterns for your project
that you can take to your local upholsterer
and upgrade your chairs with a design of your dreams.

How Fabric Selection Works...

step one


You'll fill out a short questionnaire so I'll know the colors, patterns, and "likes and dislikes" so I find the right fabric for your home and project.

step 2

Send pics

Next, you'll send pictures of your space so I can suggest the best fabrics to go with what you already have in your home.

step three


Then, I'll supply 6-8 fabric options along with a way to buy them online. After two weeks, you'll receive pictures of the fabrics as well as where to buy them online at the best price possible.

Ready for fabric as unique as you are?