Creating the Fiesta Farmhouse Look

If you previously followed and created the farmhouse trend in your home and now want color, you are in luck. Your home is the perfect backdrop to do anything you want. And of course when decorating, I start with the chairs, as I always do. This example today is a little unusual…it’s Mexican textiles in a farmhouse setting. I call this the Fiesta Farmhouse look. It might seem like a strange combo, but it works beautifully.

The main elements you need include a neutral surrounding (as in paint and other decor), a jute or natural rug, a farmhouse table, and a variety of colorful textiles.

Neutral walls and decor are a must to pull off the Fiesta Farmhouse look. The entire idea with these textiles is to let the colors be the show in the room. So, don’t have anything that will compete with it.

Let’s talk about the rug. Luckily, jute rugs are very affordable. But you can choose any natural fiber rug. And if you’ve already embraced the farmhouse trend, you probably already have it!

Most of my clients do think that they need some sort of wooden table with chairs like this, and I wholeheartedly agree. Many have dark wood tables, but as you see in this example, even a whitewash farmhouse table looks beautiful with the textiles, especially when the frames are a dark color. In this example, I have both navy blue and black framed chairs. These colors work so well because they allow the textiles to pop. And the light colored farmhouse table really helps too.

But, I’ve also done these textiles with natural light wood as the ones below. I would recommend doing a painted farmhouse table with those.

A dark farmhouse table would work great with these teal painted chairs below. The bright textiles contain all the color you really need. So, dressing it down with a darker wood farmhouse table would be ideal.

And these below would be great with any color wood, dark or light!

Finally, you need a variety of colored textiles. I focus on the overall color (background) and try to get ones that are completely different when doing a set. It always looks better that way.

And my rule of thumb is taking a color from the top of the textile and doing the seat in that color. It makes each chair look cohesive and helps you diversify the color scheme.

Getting the Fiesta Farmhouse look is not hard. All you really need is a neutral space, natural fiber rug, farmhouse table, and a variety of colored textiles. You’ll be happily sipping margaritas while sitting in your new space in no time.


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