Creating a Boutique Style Living Room

I finally did it…I put up wallpaper in my living room and the transformation is unbelievable. The room now looks like I live in a boutique hotel.

Let’s start with the transformation. Last year, I updated my 2 antique chairs with a beautiful blue and white floral by Chivasso.

It was an effort to introduce more blue into my space. (I like to change things up every now and then!)

That led to getting some cute blue and white floral lamps which then led to painting my coffee table tidewater blue by Sherwin Williams. I swapped art from another room in my house to complement the blues.

Then came the settee makeover with a luxurious Liberty velvet fabric from Fabricut.

The cherry topping was the amazing Frida from my friend, artist Brittany Atkinson.

I am always looking for ways to add a little more pizzaz to my spaces and lately it’s been with wallpaper. It was a natural move to look for something to make this wall pop. But also, I wanted it to be a surprise since you can’t really see it from the kitchen. When you walk around the space, the surprise hits you.

I needed something graphic on this wall. I first found this chevron wallpaper because the colors couldn’t be beat. It was amazing with my Frida painting, but I felt that it would be too overwhelming on this large wall.

I was drawn to Pyne Hollyhock by Schumacher because of the white background. I thought that might work best having a busy print that is more simplified with just two colors.

This idea sent me down the rabbit hole of searching for hollyhock wallpapers and I found the perfect one. It’s called Hollyhock by Clare V in cadet blue.

There are so many great colors in this print, that you cannot go wrong with any of them…from red to pink to yellow.

I used the traditional wallpaper, not peel and stick/removable. It’s so much easier to do the real thing and apply the paste to each strip (trust me on this one!).

I knew from the first strip that I had struck gold with the look I was hoping for.

It just makes the wall look amazing like a boutique hotel.

As I was hanging it, I saw the opportunity to wrap it around a small piece of wall next to my bar area and the top cabinets. I took advantage of it. Now I have a sneak peek from the kitchen. It’s a fun little feature.

And it looks fabulous with my Frida.

To see the before and after is stunning to me.

Wallpaper transforms a space like nothing else. And sometimes you only need a little bit to create a big impact. My friend, Sara, from Simply Southern Cottage has a new little offer…a guide for sourcing amazing wallpaper. You can get this amazing guide for only $5 by clicking here.


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