College Girls go Frida Crazy

My daughters think I’m too bossy…and I am! I’m always wanting to impose my design work on their lives and they usually want me to back off. So I typically offer once and then do what they ask. Back in February my youngest and I took at girls trip up to Texas Tech where my older daughter—the one who painted all my Fridas—is studying engineering. This year she’s out of the dorms and in her own apartment with 3 other friends. Do you remember getting your first apartment? It’s been a fun year for her.

I offered to do their kitchen chairs for her when she moved in, but she of course, wanted me to back off! During this February trip one roommate shyly told me that when she gets a job someday (as an engineer), she’s going to order a Frida chair. The bossy me exclaimed how I wanted to do some chairs for them, but my daughter wouldn’t allow it…and then you know the rest of the story. So I had a job to do to make her roommates happy. We decided on 4 Frida chairs. I started with these vintage frames.

I had a few favorite fabrics that we could have used, but the fabric we ended up going with was super retro funky. With different Fridas on the backsides, I knew we needed a fabric to go all over the frontside, top and bottom. It would have been too busy to break it up with different fabrics. So I splurged a little bit to make these fun and youthful for the girls.

The frame went the way of navy blue, which is a great neutral and helps the fabric pop, especially when the fabric has a bit of blue in it. My daughter and her roommates picked the 4 Fridas they wanted on the backsides.

And boy did they turn out super cute! As you might have guessed, the favorite Frida below was part of this collection.

I finally got pictures of the chairs in their apartment! And don’t they look cute???

They’ve done a super job decorating their apartment to make it homey and unique to them. What a fun time in their lives—I hope that they continue to embrace their inner Fridas as they grow into young women!

If you’re wanting to get in on the Frida craziness, did you know that I’ve got some Frida merch on my website?

Right now there are tote bags…

and pillows…

But T-shirts will be coming soon! Stay tuned, Frida fans!


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