Christmas in the Greenhouse

If you have a greenhouse on hand, why not celebrate Christmas in the greenhouse? That was my thinking and so I went to work figuring out how I wanted it to look for the Christmas season.

With the canna gone, I turned to poinsettias and greenery found at my local hardware store.

I found plenty to choose from including the spotted poinsettia, the classic red, and my favorite, pink. I even found a Christmas cactus that I’m hoping I’ll be able to keep for years to come.

I took some extra Victorian shingles and created a few little fun signs including these…Santa’s Greenhouse This Way!

Small wreaths with classic red ribbon hang over every set of windows on both sides of the greenhouse.

True confession…I’ve never hung lights before, and realized too late that I needed some sort of attachment hanger…which were all sold out. So instead, I turned to clothes pins…an idea from my neighbor. It was the perfect addition of cuteness to my reclaimed greenhouse!

Real greenery tied with red bows give the sides of the greenhouse some interest since all my canna have died off for the winter.

One side of the greenhouse stayed with a red color scheme. I used my poinsettia wreath from holidays past and put a striped ribbon on it. The biggest pots of poinsettias I’ve ever seen flank both sides of the door.

The other side of my greenhouse took on a pink theme beginning with this amazing wreath I found on Etsy.

It’s made with all vintage ornaments and is one of a kind! You can visit the store by clicking here. It was the perfect addition to my pink and green dutch door.

More than a month ago, I replanted my window boxes with winter-friendly plants of pansies and a pine for each one.

The small wreaths on either side of the door are hung with a candy cane striped ribbon. And of course, what’s a Christmas greenhouse without a fresh cut pink tree in my garden wagon? 🙂

It’s fun celebrating Christmas with the greenhouse this year! All my plants are tucked inside staying warm during the cooler nights. It’s hard to pick my favorite thing…I love so much of this decor. What do you love the most? I would love to know!


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