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I can’t remember exactly, but between two and three years ago, I began to dream that I could produce my own line of chairs…the ones that my clients always asked me for, but were hard to come by.  Ones that actually fit at a dining table instead of sitting too low.  Ones that didn’t need repairs to make them last a bit longer.  I wanted the best of both worlds: to get the look of antique chairs without all the problems.  I had no idea how I would do this and never really considered back then that it would come true…even when I began the long search for a woodworker that could make it happen.  It certainly felt like a pipe dream. 
The past two years have been ones of disappointment, excitement, doubt, and joy.  Just when I felt I had found someone who could help me, circumstances would change.  I remember thinking, This is why people don’t do this!  But I’m crazy and refused to give up because where a door closed, a window would open.  And I thought, I have to at least try this or I’ll regret it.  One person led me to another, who led me to another, who led me to another.  You get the picture, right?  And now, it’s happening!  Chair Whimsy is growing!  My chairs are coming!  Honestly, I can’t believe it.  And am I scared? You betcha! 🙂
This year I’ve learned so much. How one woodworking factory only will work off detailed CAD drawings because they want to get it exactly right and another wants a little freedom to show off their carving talents.  I’ve experienced how to design my own fabrics and connected with some great sales reps who can get my most favorite expensive fabrics at great prices.  I’ve visited a manufacturing plant to see the process of how a chair goes from frame to showroom.  And I’ve met some very interesting, wonderful people along the way.  
So, here’s the scoop!  My new collection is a trio of chairs that can be mixed and matched or used singularly…whatever floats your boat!  This idea to have the choice to mix and match chair frames came from some of my past clients who really like that option.  

Meet Zadie…

She’s a classic French chair with amazing curves created from intricate hand carvings. Don’t underestimate her, though. She will rock bright colors as well an understated boho look with finishes that will inspire living the good life. 

Introducing Effie…

The delicate balloon back chair with an attitude. She sits tall, proud, and surprisingly comfortable. The seat is just real estate enough to take on any bold color scheme without overwhelming the audience. 

Announcing Charley…

The Victorian whose rounded shape keeps snobbery at bay. From grainsacks to adventurous embroidery and everything in between…Charley’s curves take us back to a more romantic time. 

And while the chairs are amazing creatures, it’s the fabrics that will shine the most. Clients can shop the look of farmhouse vintage, classic romantic, and boho chic that include some fabric choices not found anywhere else.  Below is just a few that I’ll be offering.  

I’ve only got 150 chairs coming; 50 of each style.  So, if you are interested in snatching up a few, you can email me directly to place a deposit and preorder at [email protected]   
BUT WAIT…THERE’S MORE NEWS TO LOOK FORWARD TO! I’ll be doing a chair giveaway on both Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to follow me on social media and look for those contests! I’ll be announcing it here on my blog, too. And, if you don’t subscribe to my newsletter (I only email once a week, I promise!), you can sign up directly here to the right on this very page!  Make sure you tell your friends and family, and please share my blog on social media.  Everything helps to spread the word…I’m so excited!

And Finally, Do You Like Cake & Cocktails?

I’ll be personally hosting a Chair Launch Event at my home sometime this summer—a Save-the-Date is coming soon!  If you live anywhere near Austin or want to make a little road trip with your besties, it will be a fun event to celebrate…you won’t want to miss it!
You will still be able to follow my blog, The Chair Stylist, to get all the exciting news.  If you already subscribe to my newsletter, let a friend know about it, too.  You can sign up on this page.  The more the merrier!


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