Boho Style in Blue and White

Have you ever looked at a textile and thought, That would look great on a chair? Welcome to my world—that’s my thought process on a daily basis. It happens with skirts, shoes, blankets, you name it. This latest set of chairs was for a client who had a beach home and she definitely wanted some vibes in blue for the dining space. After some searching, I found this blue embroidered blanket with some boho style and this became the hero fabric for the chairs.

The next step was to settle on the seat fabric. We looked at several choices from light to dark blue in both linen and velvets. We settled on a deep purplish-blue velvet by Schumacher to bring out the drama.

When you work with a blanket, you have to make good with what you have as far as fabric placement. I literally used every scrap of embroidery on the four chairs.

I am so glad we went with the deep blue that leans purple. It definitely pulls out the dark color in the top and adds drama to the chair.

And just think about the third color that could work with these chairs. In this case, green really shows off the chairs. The funkier the color, the more boho style you’ll get.

And while my wallpaper is a little bit crazy, it does give you ideas for color schemes that could work. Even pink would be darling (as you see my pink fridge in the background).

I think the boho style really can dress up or down depending on the surroundings. The most important thing is to get the colors you love the most.

And if you live in Austin (or another funky town), this is the perfect boho style, eclectic set that could make your space ultra-unique. You know my theme…if it makes you happy, go with it!

Once these chairs get in their forever home, I’m sure they will brighten it up and bring in the perfect boho-beach-vibe style my client was looking for.


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