A Yellow Door Makeover

There’s nothing like a door makeover to zhuzh up your home. And it only takes a couple of hours. Our side door into my kitchen had needed a makeover for far too long. I had the awning done a couple of years ago, and I intended on painting the door. But if you never make time for it, it never happens!

My kitchen door before

I have always been inspired by my friend Sara’s house from Simply Southern Cottage. Her door is a fun yellow called Lemon Twist by Sherwin Williams.

So I went with a color on the same strip called Decisive Yellow. And it turned out perfect with my pale yellow painted siding and white trim. The color alone was a huge improvement as well as the colorful wreath and hanger.

But something was missing. I’ve always wanted to have a window box on the railing. I found this one online made from pvc, which means it will never rot. If I ever wanted to, I could paint it too.

The multi-colored violets added the right amount of color. Once we get into summer next year, I might just put some artificial flowers in the box since this space gets a lot of sun in the mornings.

It’s the perfect addition to this small space. I moved my macho fern out here too to green it up a bit.

This door is where my friends enter my home. It’s right off my very long driveway and detached garage. You’ll always find my flip flops here since we wear them year round in Texas.

It’s amazing what a quick makeover involving paint can do to a door. And it only took a couple of coats.


This tiny makeover has had a huge impact on my happiness. Every time I go in and out of my house, I smile. Have you painted your door a pop of color? I would love to know about it!


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