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A Little Dose of Joy

In times of uncertainty, we feel a wide range of emotions that vary depending on the day or even the hour. I’m with you, Friends. I’ve felt them, too.

Today, I want to bring you a little dose of joy. Perhaps this will be a distraction, or even a sign of hope. As I finished these chairs this week, it brought me both joy and hope. Let me tell you about the process…

My client loved Carrie Schmitt’s chairs that were part of my Spring Collection last year. You can read that blog by clicking here. This bold floral front had a backside with a fuchsia buffalo check on the diagonal. My client wanted the check to been seen on the front of the chair because no one would see the backside where the chairs would be placed. So I improvised and suggested the check could work on the seats…and so we were off.

To make these interesting, I decided to switch up the floral on the front and backsides, so we wouldn’t necessarily have matching chairs, just complimentary with two scenes from the floral.

What we see on the front, we also see on the back of the other chair.

I can’t wait to get pictures of these in their new home. And the best part is, word has it they will be in a magazine this coming year! I’ll be sharing that as it comes available. ? Take care, Friends.

Wendy Conklin

I'm Wendy Conklin, The Chair Stylist.

What brings me joy is helping others live more creatively. I design antique-inspired, boutique chairs, and I teach others how to do what I do. Check out my shop, services, and courses to bring more whimsy into your home and life!


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